I don't have any robotics experience, is it okay if I take the class?
Yes, the course is designed to not assume any prior experience with robotics. If you have plenty of robotics experience, that's great too.

What will assignments be like?
Weekly assignments will comprise a mix of hand-written math and programming. Programming assignments will be in Python and will feature use of Drake, a toolbox for planning, control and analysis for robotics. Drake was developed out of the Robot Locomotion Group and its development is now led by Toyota Research Institute. All assignments (both hand-written components and programming components) will be graded using Gradescope.

I am not sure if I fit the prerequisites, what should I do?
The best way to determine if you are ready for the class is to look over some of the lectures from previous years (for example, the 2019 lectures). If you are excited and think you can handle it, you probably will be able to. You can always contact the course TAs (underactuated-staff@mit.edu) if you would like to get feedback on how prepared you are. Also, see the next question.

What can I do to best prepare for success in the class?
The course takes a rigorous mathematical approach to robotics. The only required preqrequisites are basic familiarity with linear algebra and differential equations. If you work hard, we can teach you the rest. If, however, you would like to prepare as best as possible, you can go through the further material.